Wednesday, December 29, 2010

But enough about me. Let's talk about YOU. What do YOU think of me?

One of the things I can't stand is being followed on Twitter by accounts which have a demonstrated track record of being interested in no one other than themselves.

They spout off one tweet after another, with no interaction, no retweeting, no generosity, no dialogue, no concern. [They might thank people for retweeting them, but never think of retweeting someone else].

They are about nothing but promoting themselves or whatever else they are peddling.

Why follow me if you're not interested in me?

Go follow yourself.

People who follow, just to try to get followers, are a Twitter plague.


  1. Well you know me Ray. I have been following you and trying to understand you as a person with values.
    And I got confused along the way but we connected and engaged and now I can get to know you more.

    Sometimes we lose our way on twitter especially.( or any other social networks) Been there got the tee shirt hmmm.

    But now and then SOME good people understand that the tweets are from real people. People with a message, a belief and a passion. People that want to help others whilst helping themselves.

    Thats about me giving my opinion of YOU!

    There you go for now :-)


  2. oh btw what on earth is shilling or trolling?

    In my younger days a shilling was a lot of money and a troll lived under a bridge to eat you for supper LOL :-)


  3. My definitions:

    internet shilling=pretending to be something you're not, or pretending not to be something you are, in order to conceal your true allegiances and deceptively accomplish an undisclosed ulterior objective

    internet trolling=picking fights for the fun of it

  4. I was just about to follow a really good environmental blogger today. But before I did I had a quick look over his profile.
    I am not going to mention any names that would be rude to do so... but he is definitely one of the big boys when it comes to blogging.

    Anyway... he had almost 50,000 followers and only following about 4,000 back. And there wasnt even one single @ reply on his profile. Not a thankyou or an acknowledgement of any thing or anybody. Just 100's of his own tweets and mostly back to his own blog.

    I never followed him.

    I can find plenty great environmental bloggers who are courteous and think about others too.

  5. You certainly can, Karen. (Indeed, if I may be so bold, one good place to find some of them is my Respect for Nature list.)

  6. Since I am now retired..twitter is like office keeps me informed and I love the debate..not hateful words..but a dialogue of opinions..where we can keep our minds alert and keep learning..
    Your tweets are diverse..from politics, human rightw to music..
    I may not respond..but I love reading them..
    Keep 'em coming!

  7. I think you are super fab Ray! I love all the connections I have made through Twitter, especially when they turn into a real-life meeting ( like us ). You do a great job of sharing, commenting and engaging on a myriad of topics. For those here that don't follow me, i would love to connect I am @Caroline_Palmer


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