Saturday, February 18, 2012

Now twitter is blocking my tweets as 'duplicates' even though I never tweeted them before in this account

I use to increase my efficiency on Twitter in several ways. One thing I use it for is to review the material in my feed reader accounts.

I have 2 twitter accounts (@raysfh & @raystlh) which I've been using as feed readers, to help me monitor the hundreds of feeds I review . I look through those posts, and pick a relatively small number of them -- maybe 10% or so -- to tweet in my real twitter account, @raybeckerman

Now twitter is blocking all of my @raybeckerman tweets as duplicates which I obtained from my feeds.

Which means I'm going to have to spend many hours reconfiguring each of approximately 300 feeds.

I really don't know whether I can afford to spend that kind of time.

Every day Twitter comes up with a new way to destroy everything I'm trying to do.

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