Friday, October 15, 2010

My "Some Friends of Mine" list

My recommended following/reading list is "Some Friends of Mine". It's broken down into a number of lists because of Twitter's 500-member list size limit.

The one criterion that it is based upon is excellence: peeps I have selected who greatly enhance the Twitter experience.

If you were to follow those lists, you would find a wealth of great material, and meet a lot of cool people:

Some Friends of Mine
Some friends of mine 1 list
some friends of mine 2 list
SomeFriendsOfMine 3 list
somefriendsofmine4 list
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear @refollow Please go to read-only & do it fast

I just learned of your being blocked by twitter & the reasons why, and saw your request for suggestions. Here's mine

I have written about the excellent service you provide, and have designated you as my follower management tool of choice.

My suggestion is to go to a read-only mode and to do it quickly so that your wonderful service will be available again.

You will still be able to provide the filtering and the locking, which are the features that make your service unique and valuable.

I usually don't even use you for the actual unfollowing, because I have no way of discerning if someone might be on lists of mine; once I decide to unfollow someone I remove them from lists as well, but twitter -- for some dumb reason -- doesn't give you that option. So usually when I'm using your service to figure out who to unfollow, I click on the link to the interface to see if they are on any lists. Sometimes I unfollow there, sometimes I unfollow back on your page, but it's really not important.

What is important is:

1. the good interface
2. the reasonable amount of time to load
3. the great filters
4. the locking feature

So please, go to read-only format, and do it soon. We need you.

Best regards

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I'll be on the panel at "Monetizing the Band" ... Oct. 12th ... New York Law School #music #musicians

New York Law School is holding “Monetizing the Band.”

This event will instruct practictioners, law students and other interested parties in the art of making a band a money-making entity. We will be meeting with members of actual working bands, booking agents, artist managers, web 2.0 experts, merchandise professionals, publishing companies, licensing companies and independent record labels.

After the panels, there will be a general networking session.

This event is sponsored by Esq. Bank.

Please rsvp at

Tuesday, October 12 2010. Check in begins at 6pm. Must RSVP.
@New York Law School for Tuesday, October 12 2010 for the night in room W201 at 185 W. Broadway Campus NY, NY.

Here is the program:

The band panel will begin at 6:30pm

Jonny Dubowsky (Rock & Renew/Jonny Lives!)
Kenyon Philips (Unisex Salon)
Ezra Huleat (Black Taxi)
Erica Quitzow (Young Love Records/Quitzow)
Josh Hoisington (The Stationary Set)
Maya Azucena (Maya Azucena)

Industry Panel 7:30

Adam Shore (The Daily Swarm)
Natalia Nataskin (Agency Group Lawyer)
Jeremy Holgersen (Agency Group)
Justin Shukat (Primary Wave Music)
Peter Shukat (Lawyer)
Mark Weiss (Artist Arena)
David Mazur (Masur Law)
Adrian Perry (Tab the band/ Weil)
Barry Heyman (Heyman Law)
Adam Jordan (Rely Records)
Jake Ottman (EMI)
Veronica Gretton (Independent Manager + Publisher)
Rob Shore (Business Manager)
Ray Beckerman (Lawyer)

Brian Daitzman, JD
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear @Twitter management. Twitter IS a social network. Duh.

[Update: on 10/16/10 Josh Elman said we can use Twitter however we want to.]

Recently I pointed out an article in which a Twitter executive [@joshelman] said informally that Twitter is positioning itself more as an information provider than a place to "engage" and "waste time".

Today I came across an article in readwriteweb in which Twitter has formally gone on record as (a) denying that it is a social network, and (b) claiming that it is a content provider.

Twitter is NOT a Social Network, Says Twitter Exec
By Sarah Perez / September 14, 2010 11:32 AM

Kevin Thau [@kevinthau], Twitter's VP for business and corporate development, announced during a presentation at Nokia World 2010 today that everyone's favorite micro-blogging network is not actually a social network.

It's not, you say?

No, says Thau: Twitter is for news. Twitter is for content. Twitter is for information.
Complete article

Ever since its inception, when Twitter said it's a place for people to "update" their "timelines" with their "status", its management has demonstrated that it has no true understanding of what Twitter is.

Their war against traditional retweets has further demonstrated this lack of insight.

Anyone who has followed Twitter's own statements of what Twitter is, has missed the boat.

These recent announcements -- in effect saying that twitter is no more than a collection of RSS news feeds -- demonstrate more of the same.

Why did they make these announcements? I'm guessing that they're striking some lucrative deals with "content providers", and/or advertisers, and think this is a way to get more money out of them.

A better way would be: "know thyself".

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