Sunday, January 9, 2011

The @ShortyAwards "suggesting" who we should nominate? How corrupt is that?

I cannot believe what I saw when I went over to the "politics" category at the Shorty Awards web site:

At the top of the voting category it has avatars of eight (8) twitter accounts which are not faring well in the voting, and says: "Undecied? [sic] Check out these popular politics accounts you can nominate."

Then it provides a "more" link which leads you to a small number of other accounts that aren't faring too well in the election, either.

Don't they realize how corrupt this is???

It would be like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences suggesting to its members who it should nominate, and who it should vote for, in the Academy Award voting.

This really taints the award process, and suggests something really wrong with the company administering the Shorty Awards.

Can they possibly be that clueless, not to realize that you can't run an election and make suggestions on who to nominate in that election, without demonstrating to the world that your election is rigged?

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  1. Somewhat unrelated, but I experienced my own frustration with this afternoon. After voting for you in the social justice category, an option to participate in the shorty award "interview" appeared. It suggested that
    1. in addition to my answers appearing in my profile,
    2. my answers would also be used by the judges in their evaluation process.

    I decided to participate in their interview/survey in the belief that the awards process involved a judging panel that would evaluate the legitimacy of my vote for you based on proof that I used twitter in more than just a cursory fashion.

    After I was done, I was alerted that I had been nominated to the "social justice" category! Go figure. I've been nominated by an algorithm!

    I feel really naive to have given so much of my valuable time to their silly survey, which appears to be a gimmick, so they can increase the number of people nominated, and create buzz. And perhaps the people they suggest to vote for are poor suckers like me who filled out their survey.

    Of course, this is all pure speculation, but I needed to get it off my chest.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Probably, your being "nominated" was just the result of someone retweeting your nomination of someone else.

  3. So that's how it works. I wonder who that RT could be from? ;) Still new at this stuff, so thank-you for the edification. . . and hope the Shorty Awards people recognize the Social Justice category and that you win!

  4. It could be someone thanking you. Some of my thank you tweets have been interpreted as nominations of the people I was thanking.


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