Monday, November 29, 2010

Firefox add-on by @jonpierce enables Traditional Retweets when using New Twitter ht @Sue_Koch

As many of you know, after years of twitter users clamoring for Twitter to provide a retweet button, Twitter instead provided a fake rubber stamp "retweet" button, rather than a button that facilitates classic or traditional retweets

I recently learned from @Sue_Koch of a Firefox add-on which provides a "Classic Retweet" button, in addition to Twitter's pseudo-retweet button, when you are using the "New Twitter" interface in Firefox.

It is called "Classic Retweet 1.0" and was developed by Jon Pierce (@jonpierce on Twitter).

It is available at this link:

Jon has developed similar add-ons for Chrome and for bookmarklets.

For those people who use Twitter's internet interface, and who prefer the ease of a "button", this is an excellent solution.

I have used the Firefox version and it works perfectly. It provides exactly the type of button Twitter should have provided.

It only works in "New Twitter" rather than the old twitter interface.

And it does not work for tweets which are "protected".

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  1. And I learned about this add-on from @chrisgrossman.

    Thanks Ray!


  2. but it will count " RT @Username " so takes more Characters!!


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