Friday, August 13, 2010

It's official. @twitter does think we're lemmings!

I can't believe my eyes.

On the heels of inflicting a "suggestions to you" promotion in the sidebar telling us who we should follow, our friends at Twitter have come up with a new annoyance which is at least as annoying, and even more insulting:

When you visit someone's profile page, Twitter now forces you to see a pop-up list of hyperlinks to other people who follow this person.

I.e., since I am a lemming, it would be of great interest to me to know who else is following this person so that I can:

(a) be "in" with the "in" crowd;
(b) be just like my friends;
(c) "trend";
(d) be a real "follower"; or
(e) all of the above.

Gag me with a spoon.

Fortunately, our ever vigilant, multi-talented, friend Beth Sheresh, known on Twitter as @kitchenmage, has provided us with the means with which to block this abomination, too.

And if you would like to block the "you both follow" popup Twitter has added to the right sidebar, as well, @kitchenmage has an app for that, too.

Who thinks these things up?

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