Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My invaluable advice to marketers about Twitter lists

Marketers are intensely interested in #twitterlists; so I will give them my valuable guidance on the subject.

Coolest list to be on: http://twitter.com/Shelley_Rae/my-bitches

Least cool list to be on: http://twitter.com/badwebsites/owememoney

List of least value to marketers: http://twitter.com/Guajataka/raybeckerman

List with highest percentage of losers: http://twitter.com/catawu/asshats

You may see a lot of other "important" articles giving you "lists" of ways to make money from Twitter lists, telling you which lists are the "cool" ones, and other similar advice. Just ignore them. What do they know?

No need to thank me. Don't even mention it. I love sharing my legendary knowledge of how to make money.

[Update 11/9/09 12:51 PM BREAKING: I just discovered an important new list which is at least tied with @Shelley_Rae 's "My Bitches" list in coolness.... @DeliaChristina 's all important "Dudes Who Don't Annoy Me" list. This list includes not only myself, but also our distinguished President @BarackObama. Since it is quite rare to find someone whom I do not annoy, and since this list includes me, I will have to consider it the coolest Twitter list, that is unless and until I become an honorary member of the "My Bitches" list. ~R.B.]

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