Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to make a twitter list

Take all the people you know on Twitter.

Divide them up into those you like and those you don't really care about.

Take the ones you like, and then divide them up into categories and characteristics.

Then put each into a pigeonhole.

Then take all those in a particular pigeonhole, and make them into a list.

This will take a lot of time, and will reduce each person you know into a handy set of characteristics instead of a human being.

(You may wonder why this is valuable. If so, that's because you're not in the marketing or advertising industry. If that's the case... off you go, into my "Non-advertising & Non-marketing" list.)

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  1. I totally disagree on your method in creating lists. Personally, since I only have a small window to be on Twitter, having lists has actually helped me connect with individuals that I've not seen in a while. How does this work? Typically, when I log on, I know for a fact that a whole array of wonderful posts have already streamed by throughout the day. I glance at the general stream… what’s currently going on. Then due to time constraints and self-imposed twitter limits, if nothing catches my interest I start referring to my lists. Lists are simply organized channels and hopefully by now, everyone I follow is in their nice color coded channel. By subdividing – by color coding – I find I can easier control the flow of the stream and have a delightfully connected experience.

  2. I wasn't being 100% serious, Casper.

    Of course the use you are making of them is good, and helpful.

    But I'll bet the marketers are figuring out how to make us of you and your lists.

  3. Your blog is refreshing and real. I admit I choose to use lists. Why did i do it? Well, I like lists, I like organization. Hell, I like Excel spreadshseets. I also agree that when I made lists- I felt like I was puting round people into square boxes. I also use them like Casper (comment above). THe only catch- some people don't fall into the catagories of my lists- so they are not on a list. Hmmmm. Would asking people where they would like to be catagorized defeat the purpose- or would it as you point out "reduce each person you know into a handy set of characteristics instead of a human being". Thanks for your post

  4. Thanks, surfingmomsc

    I'm not saying people shouldn't use the lists; I just wanted to make a point.

  5. i was just stoked to find out someone put me on their list!

    very funny commentary & yes, i think you made your point...

    i'm only 1 week on twitter, & what a strange universe it is.



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