Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My @YouTube channel isn't completely lost, it's just harder to find

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Previously I had a YouTube "channel" that was fun. I added YouTube videos I liked to 'favorites' and/or 'playlists'. After you clicked through and played a song, you were still on my channel. In 9 months my channel had more than a million views.

On March 7, 2012, YouTube ruined its channel system.

Now if you click on a 'playlist' link it's hard to find my channel, and if you click on a 'favorites' link you can't detect my channel at all.

So I'm slowly converting all of my 'favorites' links to 'playlist' links, but for now here's how to find my channel:

-when you play a song with one of my 'playlist' links you'll see, at the top of the video player, the name of the playlist, and my name; if you want to leave the playlist and look in the other playlists, click on my name and you'll come to my channel; there you'll see a list of 20 playlists; some of my lists are listed on the front page, to see the rest you have to click "view all"

-when you click on a 'favorites' link, there's no reference to my channel at all, so the only way is to go to http://www.youtube.com/raybeckerman, where the playlists are listed [some are on that front page, for the rest you have to click "view all"].


I hope YouTube realizes how dumb they were to do this.

If any of you know some easier way to work around these barriers, please shoot me a comment. Thanks.
Update 12/18/12 I've also learned that with the new YouTube interface, if you're using a mobile device, or an iPad, many of my links will just take you to my playlists, but won't take you to the actual song. Sorry about that.

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  1. I never realized that the change was that recent since I don't use YouTube that frequently. I did notice though that the favorites were listed only as private with no public option and thought that was quite odd indeed.


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