Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 3 basic rules for playing the Empire Avenue game

1. I will buy, and hold, at least as many shares of yours, as you have of mine.

2. If you don't buy any of mine, I will sell all of yours.

3. If you sell mine, I will sell yours.

Exception: I may also sell all of your shares if you (a) become totally inactive or (b) hold less than 6 of my shares (If I sell your shares for inactivity, but you later get back in the game, give me a shout so I'll know to buy your shares back).


Other policies:

The number of shares I initially buy (above the amount you buy in me) depends on various factors, especially (a) your stock price compared to mine, and (b) how many eaves I have on hand.

The number of shares I continue to hold (above the amount you hold in me) depends on various factors, especially whether you keep on buying my shares; I will never knowingly sell any shares of someone who's made recent purchases of my shares.

My "watch list" is a temporary list of "recent arrivals" who I think really "get" the Empire Avenue game, and whose shares I will probably want to buy more of, once the "recent arrival' 200-share limit is lifted.

My "recommended buys list" is a short, rotating list of some of the people I know who (1) are enthusiastic reciprocal buyers (2) have decent dividends (3) are considerate, pleasant Empire Avenue citizens AND (4) have a reasonably promising chart pattern at the moment. I keep the list short, and rotate it constantly, to keep it fresh.

(Unfortunately, when Empire Avenue changed its interface a few months ago, it destroyed our ability to view these "public" lists, and stopped showing our recommendations on the splash screen which popped up after purchases; but I am continuing to maintain the lists in the hope that EA will make them relevant again :)

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