Thursday, May 17, 2012

My advice to new Empire Avenue players

1. Upload an avatar, preferably a photo, and connect your blogs and social media accounts, such as twitter, facebook, youtube, flicker, fousquare, facebook page, linkedin, etc.

2. In the beginning you will have very few eaves, so invest them carefully. Buy back from people who've bought your shares, and sell shares of anybody who hasn't bought your shares, or who's sold your shares.

3. If you value interactivity, don't buy shares in people who've had no "Empire Avenue actions this week".

4. If you care about your E. A. "earnings" and how much you generate in "dividends", be interactive both on E. A. and on your connected social media accounts.

5. Empire Avenue is the worst possible thing for an internet addict because it punishes you for doing the healthy thing -- unplugging. Your price and dividends will take big hits whenever you go on vacation, take off for a weekend, take off for a few days because you're busy at work, etc.

6. The best way I've found to view, and to keep track of, your EA portfolio is the website You can review and work with your portfolio online, or you can download your portfolio and play with it as an excel worksheet.

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  1. I wish I saw this before I joined, but I think I'm doing alright considering, thanks to a little financial investment from you and a boatload of others. I have, however, shared this with the folks I've invited. Cheers to a terrific start-up guide!

  2. Thanks to Kim C above, I found your great list, for which I thank you both! The one thing I would add would be a little clarity on the claiming the blog thing. I had left my two sites as RSS feeds until I saw that even though endorsed by many it had not converted. There is so much to do and all very quickly, so I missed the whole code in front of your newest post requirement til now. I hope to stay on track with the help of people like you - thanks Ray!

  3. I agree with Kim, I wish I had your advice sheets on day one. Like Kim I think I'm doing OKAY. I will be adopting many of your EAST policies. Is it wrong if I look at EA as a social media tools and not a game?

  4. I guess everyone can look at it however they like.

    To me it's a game.

  5. Very good advice Ray. I agree with other comments and wish I had your advice earlier.

  6. Hello there Ray, I joined only yesterday and this has been incredibly helpful, many thanks.


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