Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to set up your twitter apps (or "clients") to do traditional retweets rather than rubber stamp retweets

As most of you know, Twitter's fake "rubber stamp" pseudo-retweets should never be used (see "The "traditional retweet" (#TR) : the key to conversation & visibility" ).

Some twitter applications (or "clients") can be configured to ensure that whenever you're going to retweet something, you will be doing genuine retweets instead of the fake ones.

This post will collect links to instructions on how to do that for each app.

If you know of any that aren't listed here, or if anything here is no longer the fact, please use the comment section to let me know the details and your twitter name, and I will incorporate them into this post, and credit you with a "hat tip".

If your app does not provide a method for defaulting to traditional retweets.... scrap it.

The following apps can be configured to do traditional retweets when you retweet; each link will take you to the instructions on how to do it:

-Tweetdeck (Android): needs no configuration; once you start doing a retweet, if you tap in compose section it converts to traditional retweet.
-Twicca (Android): no need to set up; choose "quote" rather than "retweet" and it automatically uses "RT @" format.
-Twidgit (Android) uses traditional retweets only. h/t @jameld
-Twitterific is an app for Macs, iPhones, & iPads. I'm advised that it supports traditional retweets, where they are called "retweets with comments", but have no information on how to configure it.
-Seesmic desktop does not provide a method of doing it, except by making an extra click and using its "quote" function.

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  1. Thank You Ray...~shamefulface I do use the autoretweet a little too often still when I'm rushing (when am I not rushing around?) so this is hugely helpful. :) I promise to reprogram and be a good little twittergirl from now on. ;)

  2. Well Reba, your guilty secret was safe... when you use the rubber stamp retweet, no one other than you knows you did it.

    So I'm happy, for you, that you're now going to be a good twittergirl.


  3. I wish people would take RTs into consideration when they tweet. I've seen great information I'd love to share with followers, but can't edit the tweets enough to RT without garbling the message.

  4. I have a Twitter app in Linux called Pino, and would like to know more about this in the app.

  5. Looks like the short links are broken....

  6. kzutter, thanks very much for the tip on the short links. The twurl links for hootsuite and twittelator weren't working for some reason. I've replaced them with links.

    Very much appreciate the heads up.


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