Monday, March 14, 2011

How to set up a StatusNet ( account in @tweetdeck desktop

If you would like to set up Tweetdeck desktop to accommodate your StatusNet ( account, here's how:


1. Go to accounts > add new account > twitter

2. Put in the StatusNet username & password

3. Click "advanced options"

4. For the "twitter base url" type in : [your url for status net home page]/index.php/api/

5. Save settings.

Your tweetdeck now handles your StatusNet account.

1. Go to account > new account > twitter

2. Enter the username & password for your account

3. Click "advanced options"

4. For the "twitter base url" type in :

5. Save settings.

Your tweetdeck now handles your account.

Question (to which I do not know the answer): Would these same techniques work for FriendFeed and other microblogging services?

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  1. Hi Mr.Ray,
    I have a question for this topics.
    Install 0.9.5 version of statusnet on my server.
    I tried to configure a tweetdeck to access my account on same above process, but every displayed 'Ah wrong details, try again!'...
    I set a fancy URLs, and input .
    Please correct me if I'm wrong!
    sorry for my poor english.

    H.Tateiwa from Japan.

  2. Sorry Mr Kutai, I don't know about that.

    I just know about doing it for an account on the web site.

  3. H.Tateiwa is it because you never added the index.php into your settings i.e.

    instead of

  4. Wow!! That DOES work. Thank ou!

  5. The newest version of Tweetdeck for Android does not seem to have an "Advanced Options" section when adding a new "twitter" account :( Any idea how to get past that?

  6. Anyone able to get tweetdeck to allow posts over 140 chars using this setup? Worked great for me btw, thanks!

  7. anyone here tried it with a Friendica account ?
    (it also has a twitter-like api like statusnet and works in other clients that use this kind of api)

    It seems to connect to it but its not fetching my feed
    (it just seems to sits there trying to load the data but nothing appears)


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